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The devinations in the featured section are my favorite ones that I've done in past years!

Hello! I see that you have stumbled across my gallery which I love with my life! :dummy:

All of my traditional art is free-hand and none is traced (yes even the stuff in 2011)

All of the real pictures that were taken are by me

Anime Boston 2011, 2012, and 2013 pictures taken by me

Everything else other websites

Feel free to look around~!




What I have loved here on deviantART. Please enjoy~
So...well hi everyone! It's been an age of time has it not? I must say I'm quite ashamed of myself for not keeping up with this account and posting things. Quite a shame actually. Since starting my junior year in high school I've been..focusing on more school work then anything since hey, one and a half years of school left? That blows my mind If I do say so myself. 

Well first I'd like to formally apologize for not being on, posting, updating, etc. Life's just been catching a hold and grabbing me for the worse. Between friend's deaths, school, family issues it's just been a jumble of chaos and disaster.

Second, I have a CRAP ton of things to post so if there's an overflow of art in you notifications...sorry not sorry ;)

Third, I have created a Tumblr and an Instagram account! (wow good job me finally catching up with the trends) You can find me on instagram at Kasutieru_Draws. On Tumblr you an find me at koorihi with my art blog Kasutieru Draws!.

Fourthly, I WILL be attending Anime Boston 2015! I have a group of friends coming along with me as well. I will be cosplaying Ahri from League of Legends, my friend Maddy as Nidalee from League of Legends, my friend Sydney as Princess Bubblegum, and Austin as Kenji from Monster Girl Quest (???? I think > >). So please, stop and say hi to us if you see us in the halls! We'll be there the whole weekend :)

So that's all for now, I'll begin the uploads shorty.

As always I hope everyone is doing well :)

- Shayna
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
About Me

Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is Shayna and I am currently an "artist in training". I'm a student attending high school working on art as well as training in the information technology field. Currently, I'm learning as much as I can about computers, coding, design, and Photoshop as well as drawing in my free time. Between listening to music, reading, and drawing I also enjoy playing video games and going out with my friends. I absolutely love to cosplay and have been attending Anime Boston for 5+ years.

I joined DeviantART in 2010 wanting to improve my artwork and to expose myself to the world to get out there. I'm currently satisfied with progress I have made from 2010 and hope to keep on improving. DeviantART has become a part of my life and I enjoy every second of it~

Overall I'm a pretty outgoing person who loves to talk to anyone who wants to exchange some information/tips or just wants to chat! Any feed back on my work (negative or positive) is EXTREMELY helpful on improving my art. But, comments like "This piece sucks." or "Give up on drawing." is not the type of comments I'm looking for. It's just being rude but you can't stop them all.

Thank you for taking your time to stop by and check out my pieces. Llamas are always returned and watches are as well.

Websites I'm on!

Instagram : Kasutieru_Draws
Tumblr (main blog) : koorihi
Tumblr (Art Blog): Kasutieru Draws!


Working on a new piece which is why i haven't been uploading the last few I have. I'm really into this one c:
I am a dummy! 
Hope all is well~
Psyren Cast, Psyren by KingdomHearts-Xion
Psyren Cast, Psyren
(From left to right) Oboro Mochizuki, Sakurako Amamiya, Ageha Yoshina, Hiryu Asaga, and Kabuto Kirisaki from the manga Pyren

One of (in my opinion) mangas that I don't see a lot of people talking about but is really really good. To give a short overview of the first book for you; Sakurako (girl in the picture) mysteriously went missing after showing up at school the previous day and Ageha (middle) is on a quest to save her believing that the mythical Psyren Secret Society has something to do with the multiple disappearances. The only trace? A phone card. Though I dont do justice it is a really really good manga and I suggest it to those who like action, adventure, and mystery.

This is one of my larger projects that I had held off for a while but finally came around to finishing it. Other then Oboro and Sakurako, I'm very happy with how this turned out. The only reason I single those two out is because of Oboro's pose and I can't draw females that well ^ ^;;

Uploaded some wallpapers that I made in Photoshop~ You are welcome to use them if you wish :)
Underworld Twisted Fate, League of Legends by KingdomHearts-Xion
Underworld Twisted Fate, League of Legends
Twisted Fate from the online game League of Legends. He is wearing the Underworld skin in this picture.

Twisted Fate is probably the most tedious champ to play if you play League but that's not what I'm here to talk about. This is a practice piece that I put together when testing and working around with Photoshop the first time that I was able to get my hands on the program. It consists of two pictures (that will be referenced at the bottom) along with about 8 layers and picture manipulation. I had a lot of fun making this with friends pitching in ideas, such as having the cards glow the colors that they do, as well having his arm glow.

Anyone is welcome to use this as a wallpaper if they wish too ^ ^ Just be sure to remember there IS a watermark there > >;;


Dark Forest/Path Background:…

Underworld Twisted Fate:…
Loki, Thor by KingdomHearts-Xion
Loki, Thor
Loki from the comics/movie Thor, The Avengers.

So this is much different from my normal drawings but, during the fall I was able to be exposed to photoshop due to my school's IT shop. We're given an Adobe Package with all the essential programs for photos and such. So, with those in my grasp I began self teaching my self how to use photoshop's basic functions. Since I'm not the best photoshopper, I put two pictures (referenced below) and did changes to them all. It's just a simple and fun way to relax. I do enjoy Loki though~ He's one of my favorite characters in Thor.

Anyone is welcome to use this as a wallpaper if they wish too ^ ^ Just be sure to remember there IS a watermark there > >;;


Loki Silhouette:…

Cyber Punk City background:…

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Some of the items/art that I love. I would be ever so grateful if anyone would buy me one!


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